We exist to relentlessly improve and inspire through business so that together we dramatically enhance the communities we live in and the planet we live on.


We are a turnkey commercial and industrial energy company that focuses on LED lighting retrofits and upgrades, as well as solar, energy storage and microgrid projects. Although some of our customers opt to pay cash, the majority of our customers opt for our LightEdison Service Agreement, which allows our customers to upgrade their energy systems with no upfront costs while we guarantee performance. We enable our customers to use real energy and maintenance cost reductions to fund their energy upgrades without having to invest their own capital.


We are an energy services company focused on providing you with better lighting and energy performance with net energy and maintenance reductions. We provide the service of designing, specifying, procuring, installing and servicing custom energy retrofit systems based on your organization's unique criteria so that we can deliver a turn-key experience. We handle all rebates, support warranty claims and provide ongoing service.


The savings are bold and the lighting is beautiful.


Find out how easy it is to stop losing money by installing a new LightEdison LED lighting system.

LED lighting is a disruptive breakthrough technology.  Find out how it can benefit you.